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We are Urban Baboon, a Swedish company that aims to provide the European market with products that encourage and promote a healthier, funnier lifestyle. From our warehouse in Helsingborg, we can supply to the whole Scandinavia with unbeatable delivery times, or to the rest of Europe.

Bicycle and minimalistic training

That is why we focus on bike accessories, so you don´t have any excuse in order to cycle instead of driving a car. Fun, useful bottle racks to carry around your picnic or party in style and safely, mobile holders made of recycled tyres, racks to hold your bicycle indoors using minimal space… and the list is growing! No more excuses, just get a good bicycle and start moving! After all, it’s only the mean of transportation of the future.

We also look for the best tools and gadgets to make you move, indoors or outdoors. You don't need expensive accessories to make exercise and with just some cheap equipment and your own bodyweight, you can become your own gym, being able to train home, in the park or in the forest. We also provide with training tips, food and recipes and other cool ideas in our blog for a healthier lifestyle.

Are you ready for the change?

Then this is a place you should definitely visit. We are increasing our catalogue with the coolest, newest products, and soon some other exciting surprises!

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