Bike to the party with your drinks attached

The Germans love to bike, but they love more beers! So it is not strange that they came across with the idea of making a 6 pack holder for bicycles. Due to their design, the Donkey bottle and picnic bags will fit almost any bicycle with top frame and allow a normal cycling, while carrying your precious beverages and/or food to a picnic, party or your job.

Forget about using a backpack or hanging annoying plastic bags from the handle. The Donkey products will solve your transportation problems and let you get rid of disturbing burdens in your back or in weird places in your bike.

Also, be imaginative. It can also be used to carry all sort of things and used in all type of supports, such as strollers, chairs... just use the volcro to tighten it up and remove it when you want to move it around, the easy handle let you carry it like a normal bag.

Posted on 08/20/2015 Home, MAGAZINE, Bicycle 0 1418

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